Adolescent Therapy

Being a teenager or a preteen is a sensitive time when young adults begin to form their own unique identity that defines who they are. It is an ongoing emotional struggle as they travel down the path from dependence to independence. This stage may not only be difficult for teenagers but parents as well. Teens may begin to challenge parents and other adult authorities, test their boundaries which can lead to growing conflict.

Individual Session

Teenagers face a lot of pressure during their developmental stages. Issues such as low self-esteem, depression, peer pressure and uncertainties of life need to be addressed. Avoiding these problems can have an unhealthy impact on your teen’s ability to cope with daily life. Therapy can help build self esteem, provide a safe outlet for your teen to be heard, express fears and set clear goals for the future to help them become a thriving young adult.

Payment Methods

Cash • Credit Card • e-transfer

You will be provided with a receipt upon payment. Full payment is due at the end of the scheduled session. In the event that the payment is not made when due, payment will be required prior to scheduling subsequent appointments.

 Cancellation Policy

48 Hours Notice Required

Cancellation of a scheduled session requires 48 hours notice via email or phone. The only exceptions are due to a medical emergency or a severe weather event. If a client is not present for their scheduled appointment, a partial amount of the session must be paid in full before rescheduling further appointments.

Insurance Coverage

Full or Partial Coverage

Our services may be covered under your company or workplace’s extended health benefits. If you are planning to use insurance or third-party coverage, you are required to cover the full fee, regardless of the amount reimbursed to you.  You are responsible for the full payment of services should your insurance coverage or third-party provider stop the funding. 

If you’re not covered, please contact the Registered Psychotherapist Insurance Committee. Please visit the link below for more information on how you can receive coverage. The Registered Psychotherapist Insurance Committee is a group of Registered Psychotherapists addressing the inclusion of Psychotherapy into the mental health benefits from third-party payers. 


Confidentiality:   Full client confidentiality is strictly practiced and is an aspect of the code of ethics.